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Small Corporation

Dual taxation may be avoided in a qualifying domestic company by electing S Corporation (SCORP) care. Like a corporation, the SCORP is a corporate flow. In general, a SCORP is excluded from the tax on such capital gains and passive income other than from the federal income tax.

In its tax returns the members of the SCORP have their share, as well as their share in the non-separately declared ordinary income or losses recorded to them on Schedule K-1, in the individual state items of income, deduction, losses and credit.

PreTime Tax, We can help you to grow a SCORP and help you to fulfil your duties as a company. We will help you pick the right form of entity and make your choice a SCORP. We will support you in the accounting and payroll of the company and help you in the production and filing of Form 1120S for shareholders of K-1.

Corporate Corporation

Corporate Company is taxable on their earnings and pays taxes, unlike the S Corp and partnership mentioned previously. The profits and benefit payments are regarded as US dividends. For purposes of income tax. The laws of a state or the District of Columbia are applicable to companies in the United States.

Procedures differ significantly from state to state. Some states can train companies via electronic registration on or very rapidly on the state’s website. All States shall pay a fee upon inclusion. If the corporations are created, most states may issue a “certificate of incorporation.” The majority of state corporate laws require either the incorporation certificate or formal articles of incorporation to be the basic governing instrument.

Corporate Corporations’ tax rate at phased rates ranges from 15% to 35%. We assist you in dealing with your tax requirements and assist you with pre-taxation.

We support you to file Form 1120 and to create Schedule K-1 (1120). We may also help with the preparation of C companies ‘ Financial Statements.